About us

Building on Solid Achievements

MicrosensDx is a dynamic and ambitious organisation, built from a solid base back in 2001.

With three patent families covering sample preparation, protein aggregation and inflammation/sepsis, MicrosensDx is driven to produce innovative products that enhance patient management and ultimately improve health outcomes.

During the Covid pandemic, MicrosensDx responded rapidly to market demand with a 30 minute, near patient testing platform utilising LAMP technology.  This was supported by our RapiPREP Nucleic Acid extraction reagents.  Prior to this, the companies protein aggregation IP for BSE (Mad Cow Disease) has been licensed to a global veterinary health company where it has enabled thousands of cattle to be tested.

The future focus of the company is around further development of our RapiPREP sample preparation technology and inflammation and sepsis diagnostics.


Empowering results with Sample Handling and Diagnostics Expertise

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We are driven by delivering high quality products which are based on the requirements of patients, clinicians and clinical laboratory professionals. This means that we provide what is needed from a performance point of view but also ensuring ease of use to allow a fast streamlined workflow.

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Our Company values are based on trust, mutual respect, providing choice, collaboration and scientific excellence thus ensuring confidence in the results delivered by our products.

Sustainability & Net Zero

Environmental awareness is at the core of everything that we do, and we are actively engaged with sustainability and net zero audit initiatives together with social responsibility awareness around Cambridge Science Park and the local area.

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    Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework (LEAF)

LEAF is a standard set by University College London (UCL) to improve the sustainability and efficiency of laboratories. It supports labs in an ongoing way to continually improve and identify new ways of working.

Laboratory-based research is essential for advancing society, but it is also extremely energy and resource intensive. It’s estimated that laboratories are responsible for around 2% of global plastic waste and use 3-10 times more energy per meter squared than a typical office.

MicrosensDx joined this initiative in 2022 in order to actively identify ways to reduce carbon emissions, improve sustainability and at the same time, create an environment that supports research quality.  These activities also serve to support our customers and partners in their Net Zero, sustainability and social responsibility efforts.

MicrosensDx has achieved Bronze status and is actively working towards Silver status.