Collection, Stabilisation & Deactivation

Sample Collection

Sample collection and subsequent processing methods can create aerosols which present an infection exposure risk for healthcare workers and laboratory staff.  The health and safety of any person potentially handing a clinical sample of any type is of the highest priority.  In addition, with potentially more samples being collected at home or in other remote locations and using the standard postal service, this infection risk extends further afield.  With the trend to move towards more home sample collection, this risk will only increase.

The inactivation step that is currently required ahead of the sample being analysed, adds to the sample preparation time and therefore adds a delay in getting the result which can be urgent in some cases.

RapiPREP CSD* provides an elegant solution to this issue by inactivating the sample on contact.  It saves time in the laboratory as there is no requirement for additional inactivation steps, the sample can immediately be processed therefore reducing the turnaround time of results.


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