MicrosensDx – Empowering Diagnostics

MicrosensDx applies a deep know-how of biomarker sample handing and sample preparation to optimise down-stream diagnostic testing.

Sample prep is a critical and essential step for every test and test type. Sample handling and preparation is the 'key' to achieving optimal performance, consistency, and accuracy for diagnostic tests.

The company’s simple, fast and scalable Nucleic Acid extraction methodology enables diagnostics across both routine clinical, wellness and applied testing labs. It also extends out to potentially aiding diagnostics partners, thus allowing them to focus on their expertise and diagnostic test.

RapiPREP was used as the ‘front-end’ to more than 1.25 million Covid tests during the pandemic. Ongoing enhancements will extend RapiPREP’s utility to challenging samples, including stool and water.

New products including RapiPREP Collection Stabilisation and Deactivation (CSD) and a new sepsis severity and staging test are in the R&D pipeline. More detail about these more recent additions to the portfolio follows.

Where have MicrosensDx come from and where are they going?

Heading into the future, MicrosensDx is looking to both EXTEND and TRANSFORM its value to customers, patients, and investors.

The vision to achieve our growth plan is backed with Product Development Process Expertise, Intellectual Property (IP) and know-how in biomarker sample handling and suitable sample preparation challenges, for subsequent diagnostic testing.

Our expertise enables partner organisations in medical and applied research, diagnostics and applied testing companies, to focus on their device, automation and method development. 

We optimise the universally and critically important sample handling and preparation steps. Our methodology is optimised for molecular diagnostic tests, including PCR and sequencing.

Such tests must be reliable and technically repeatable at scale, from low to high throughput. RapiPREP can enable this and can be optimised, depending on specific test and device requirements.

RapiPREP, originally designed with TB testing in mind, was re-purposed during the Covid pandemic. Taking around 20 minutes, it is simple and easy to use and can be automated for use across high throughput clinical, veterinary and water testing laboratories.

Early users favour the ‘open’ nature of RapiPREP extraction as it can be automated across commonly used open extraction platforms and offers flexibility regarding the downstream assay choice.  Users are not constrained by having to buy kits and automation from one supplier which can sometimes be a compromise. 

RapiPREP is manufactured at purpose-built facilities in Cambridge, UK. Currently with a capacity to manufacture 75,000 RapiPREP tests each week, MicrosensDx stands ready to support pandemic response and ensure critical continuity of supply.

Ongoing product enhancements will extend RapiPREP's utility to applications including:

  • Extension of the Respiratory Viruses Panel.
  • Enteric (Stool) Pathogens.
  • Microbiome samples (for meta or total content analysis) and
  • Environmental Testing specifically looking at water to monitor disease prevalence and epidemiology.

The sample preparation market is forecast to grow driven by an increased burden of infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance.


RapiPREP Collection, Stabilisation and Deactivation (CSD)

Sample collection and processing methods can create aerosols, which present an infection exposure risk for healthcare workers. As a result, on reaching the laboratory, this means that the sample may undergo a deactivation step making it harmless prior to handling and the molecular diagnostic test being performed.  This extra step can add to the turnaround time of the result being available and may affect the analytical result obtained due to potential dilution effects.

RapiPREP CSD is a game-changer for the clinical testing laboratory

RapiPREP CSD is a collection solution that deactivates infectious disease samples at the point of collection, rendering them harmless to hospital and community workers who collect the samples together with the laboratory personnel who perform the tests.

RapiPREP CSD does not require further deactivation steps, so samples are more concentrated which may increase test sensitivity.  This is turn can reduce instances of costly test repeats, unwanted or delayed results and needing to take additional samples - often from sick patients who may need their results quickly.

Finally, RapiPREP CSD also prepares the sample to perform optimally during its molecular test, such as PCR or sequencing.

In addition to extending value with Nucleic Acid Sample Preparation, MicrosensDx will transform value by aiding the development of an improved sepsis and inflammation biomarker test.

Recent feedback received from clinicians confirms why this biomarker could be valuable and game changing:

  • “This sounds like a potentially extremely useful test to aid early diagnosis of sepsis.”
  • “Useful to have a more specific test for inflammation than C-Reactive Protein (CRP) and identify risk patients in the community rapidly.”
  • “…could be a useful tool in future pandemics – because clinical skills didn’t always pick up who was seriously ill until their oxygen levels were very low. Maybe this could have been predicted by Pentraxin”

RapiPREP Sepsis could be Transformational, improving on the current state of the art, with earlier diagnosis of sepsis risk levels, and importantly - reducing unnecessary treatment of suspected cases of sepsis.  This in turn will very importantly reduce the ‘cautious over-use’ of precious antibiotics and therefore help the growing global fight against antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

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