RapiPREP® Nucleic acid extraction 


Nucleic acid extraction made simple 

Using proprietary technology, the RapiPREP® Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit* provides a simple, fast and scalable method of extraction for clinical specimens.

Nucleic acids in the sample are firstly captured by the magnetic beads. The beads are then washed and subsequent release of nucleic acids in elution buffer is hastened by a short heating step. Eluted nucleic acids can be detected by molecular amplification methods such as PCR, LAMP or Sequencing.

Why RapiPREP®:

  • Suitable for manual and automated extraction.
  • Extraction in 20 minutes following sample lysis.
  • Proven method for viral nucleic acid extraction.
  • Scalable depending upon number of samples for analysis.
  • Flexible utility with several new developments underway for respiratory, stool, microbiome and environmental analysis.




RapiPREP® Extraction workflow

RapiPREP Process flow

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*Product in development, please contact us for more information and to discuss collaboration opportunities.