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TB-Beads can significantly improve case finding for the diagnosis of tuberculosis (TB). The beads enable the rapid and simple extraction of TB directly from thinned sputum using magnetic beads. The TB beads are highly efficient enabling more than 95% of the TB to be extracted and concentrated into a small volume which results in a more sensitive smear. However, elution of the TB from the beads uses a detergent that some laboratories find can prevent the eluted TB from sticking to their glass slides – upon staining, the TB rinses off. This problem is largely a consequence of a myriad of different glass slides from many different manufacturers that are used throughout the world.

Glass is not ‘glass’ and the slides vary in material and quality. To solve this problem Microsens has developed a new elution buffer that, after elution of the TB, is neutralised on the slide by mixing with Slide Reagent. Slide Reagent is an innovative approach to neutralising the detergent and preventing loss of TB from the slide and was developed as part of Microsens’s on-going commitment to the TB community.